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Terms Of Use

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Third Party Content, Copyrights & Trademarks

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While making a purchase from JustPrintz, you are deemed to agree with the following points:


The products sold by JustPrintz are on “As Is” and “As Available” basis and JustPrintzreserves all the rights to modify, change, discontinue or suspend any product at any point of time in its sole discretion without any notice or intimation. You are deemed to agree the JustPrintz is and will not be liable to you for any modification, replacement, clarification, refund, suspension or discontinuance of any product.


Once you visit the website, you are deemed to agree to indemnify, defend and hold JustPrintz and every individual,entity and identity which will be mentioned by JustPrintz in case of any legal litigations, harmless from any liability, loss, damages, claims, and expenses including attorney’s feesincase of your violation of the agreement of use of the site or any other terms and conditions.

Disclaimer of Warranty

You agree that www.justprintz.com may not be uninterrupted or error free. There might be promotions of products and services of another website site. JustPrintz takes no guarantee of any such promotional products and services and JustPrintz cannot be held directly or indirectly liable for any such promotional products and services. The viewer, user, visitor and member will solely be responsible for any loss, damage or dissatisfaction caused by promoting products and services providers.

Feedbacks and Comments

JustPrintz assures its viewers, users, visitors and members that the feedbacks, comments and reviews submitted by the users and accepted by JustPrintz will constitute non-confidential information. Submitting such information, you are assumed to agree that at no charge, you are transferring and assigning all of your rights, title and interest in information along with the copyrights and intellectual property rights. You are also deemed to agree that JustPrintz can use the information as per its will and without owing any returns to you.

Varying Final Results

JustPrintz does not give any guarantee about the appearance of the final and physical product will be the same as shown in the images. The images shown on the website are for reference purpose only and the final results are subject to vary in every order. Due to extremely high level of customization, minor changes or modifications may have to be made in the final product. Such compulsions may arise due to the limitations caused by the availability of the desired product, materials included in its finishing, production limitations, equipment capabilities or even because of the size, type and quality of thefile uploaded by the member. In such situations, JustPrintz reserves all the rights to take any decision about the production, finishing, changes or modifications. You agree that you will not challenge any such decision made by JustPrintz in order to deliver you the best possible final product.

The Governing Law, Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction

You hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts at Mumbai in respect to any legal disputes or litigations arising in connection with JustPrintz or any provision of the Agreement or any matter related to or in connection with therewith.

Acceptance of Agreement and Terms and Conditions

Every visitor, viewer, member and buyer is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions and policies of JustPrintz.

JustPrintz introduces promotional offers and schemes at regular intervals or as per its will. The members, buyers, viewers and visitors cannot combine or club two offers, discounts or schemes.