Introducing 'The Vintage Collection, Bombay, 1856 - 1945' Travel back in time and explore 'The City Of Seven Islands' before it turned into 'The City Of Dreams'. Then Bombay and now Mumbai is not just a city, it is a spirit that runs in the veins of the people living in it.
'The Vintage Collection, Bombay, 1856 - 1945' is a window to the historical, inspirational and a pride-worthy past of the city. It is a bridge that takes us to the days when the heritage of today was taking shape. It is an initiative the helps our elders to relive the memories from their golden days. It is a tribute to a historic city where the foundation of 'Modern India' was first laid. JustPrintz has exclusively created this one-of-a-kind collection in a way that it perfectly reflects and represents the golden past of Bombay.