Browse through our special collections and find the Newest, Currently Trending, Top Selling, Season’s Special and many more art prints for your Home, Workplace and even Gifting needs.

You know the best about what’s best for you. So, we give you the freedom to choose your desired mediums for your art print. A mediums that matches your requirements, meets your needs, gives you the desired output and fits in your budget too!

After performing a number of tests and analysis to find the World’s finest mediums that deliver pixel perfect results for every art print and retain their looks and form for years and years, we decided to offer you;

  • Globally Renowned Archival Canvas:
    • Artist Grade Matte Canvas for finest quality art prints
    • Museum Grade Canvas for premium art prints

  • Finest Quality Photo Papers:
    • Studio Quality Matte Photo Paper - 180 gsm
    • Artist Grade Matte Photo Paper - 230 gsm
    • Artist Grade Lustre Photo Paper - 250 gsm
    • Premium Quality Photo Satin Paper - 245 gsm
    • Museum Grade PhotographicRag - 310 gsm

  • Top Quality & Rare Media For Greeting Cards
    • Finest Quality
    • Premium Quality

Understanding that every requirement is unique, our each art print is available in a number of sizes. Right from 6” x 9” up to 36” x 45”, you can choose the size the fits your requirements.

Moreover, we are always happy to help you create a completely customized art print that meets your extremely unique requirements, matches your décor style and gives an artistic touch to your desired space.

You are unique, so should be your art print. Believing that ‘Custom Finish is the key to Customer Satisfaction’, we offer you an art print with the finishing that reflects your choice, taste and style.

Our one-of-a-kind customizing process enables you to choose the desired finish of even the minutest aspect of your art print. From the print media to the frames, our website’s customizing module helps you customize your art print the way you want.

Apart from your order for ‘Rolled’ art print, our ‘Framed’ and ‘Stretched’ art prints come in ‘Ready To Mount’ state. All you need to do is unwrap the art print and mount it on the wall.

The frame is the most integral part of every art print. It can make or break its entire look and feel. So, with every framed art print, we offer you a range of world-class quality frames carved out of wood or fiber. These frames and exclusively designed to complement your art print and protect it for a long time.

Our ‘Stretched’ canvas art prints come with 1.5” professionally crafted, museum quality and long-lasting stretcher bars. Our extremely experienced team uses the globally accepted mounting technique that prevents the canvas from snapping or developing bumps and gives you an art print that will add charm to your décor for years and years.

At JustPrintz, we believe in giving you only the museum grade art prints. The use of archival medias and archival inks along with globally followed technique enables us to create art prints that not only meet your needs but make an impression. With proper care and maintenance, our museum grade art prints can retain their best looks and form for as long as 65 years.

Here are a few care and maintenance instructions which you must follow;

  • The print art at any point of time should not be exposed to direct sunlight, humidity or any other light source.
  • Water or any cleaning solution should never be used to clean the art print.
  • Canvas should be cleaned only by brushing it with a feather duster to remove the dust.
  • The art prints should ideally be dismounted at least once every two months to examine it for woodworm, moisture, cracks, fungi, paint lift, bumps yellow patches, change in tone or any other wear and tear.
  • While mounting, use only acid-free tapes. Avoid the use of glues.
  • If not mounted, store the art print in a polypropylene plastic bag and in its original box.
  • A dark room having a temperature of about 15 to 25 degree Celsius and the humidity level of about 60% is the best place to store it.
  • Avoid folding or rolling the art print.

The Enlightenment

Meditating Buddha

The Chant Of Purification

DhyaNesh – Lord Ganesha in Dhy...

Buddha – One With Nature

The Good Luck Ganesha

Buddha The Enlightened One

Peacock – Nature’s Masterpiece

Lord Shreenathji

Sunrise Through The Lens

Ready For The Takedown

In For The Kill

Oh Deer, I’m all ears

Leopard On The Prowl

The Stallion’s Nicker

The Flight Of Freedom

The King On His Throne

Eye Of The Tiger

The Fierce Eyed Tiger

Young… Wild and Free

In Pursuit Of Victory

The Fabulous Feather Show

The White Wonder

The Green Bee Eater

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Flamingo Gone Fishing

Out For A Prey

Opposites Attract

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